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Non-woven Tape
General purpose double-coated adhesive tape from home use to electric and electronic material fields

General purpose of double-coated adhesive tape for multiple usage consists of flexible nonwoven fabric impregnated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Superior adhesive strength makes the tape ideal for general bonding. It shows superior adhesive strength and initial tack. Also, it has repulsion-resistance superior to that of othe double-caoted adhesive tapes It is widely used as a industrial, like for bonding punched matal nameplates, fixing of plastic display panel and cardboard tubes or nameplates for automobile mater panels and airconditioners.

◈ Custom size, die-cutting parts can be provided as required ☏

TTotal Thickness
Backing Material Adhesion
Tensile Strength
DN200H Non-woven fabric 0.16 Trans 1900 2000 White paper
5867UL Fireproof non-woven fabric 0.14 White 1800 1900 White paper