Electrical Insulation tape

Hard Coated Polyester Tape
Hard Coated Polyester Film silicone adhesion based on polyester-film. It is good protection from the hard coating layer. It has excellent heat resistance tape. Hard Coated Polyester Film. It is good adhesive strength and good temperature properties.



Excellent in heat resistance & insulation
Easy to remove and good wetting
No residue while peeling off
Good for protecting from scratch by hard coating PET
For cell phone protection while process
For finished product protection



Hard-coated Layer(2µm) + PET(38µm) + Silicone PSA(15µm) + Fluorosilicone Release Liner
Base Film Thickness = 38µm
Total Thickness = 50µm
Peel Strength = 20gf/in



Hard-coated Layer(2µm) + PET(36µm) + Anti-Static Silicone PSA(10µm) + Fluorosilicone Liner(38µm)
Base Film Thickness = 36µm
Total Thickness = 48µm
Peel Strength = 20gf/in
Minimizing ESD by anti-static treatment

  Feature Heat resistance properties
  Model Number ST-8546HC(DF50), ST-8546HCAS
Type of  Adhesive Silicone
  Base Film Material PET
  Color Transparent
  Type Roll Form
Liner Fluorosilicone Release Liner
  Width(mm) 1040
Length(mm) 500
  MOQ 1000 Sqm